Welcome to the new website for the Quilts for Kids, Salt Lake Chapter. Our site and newsletters won’t look all that great for a while yet as there are other backend issues that I need to get functional before I can start prettifying everything. Thank you for your patience.

Thus, we are looking for volunteers who would quilt up some of these sets. We have volunteers lined up to do the binding. If you can help quilt them or know of a long-arm quilter that would be willing to help, please contact Sandy at (801) 597-1298. Thank you.

Our newsletter is working again, however, specific flags were lost that indicate if a subscriber has unsubscribed. This was due to the fact that the new system would not import these tags. If this pertains to you, I’m sorry for this inconvenience! If you wish, please unsubscribe again or change your email preferences. There is a link at the bottom of each emailed newsletter that will take you to the right place.

Thank you for your patience.

Diane Pebley

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