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Folks who have signed out a quilt kit will automatically be added to the following three newsletter lists via this newsletter subscription form. After that, it is up to you to decide which newsletter you want to continue receiving. And currently, the only way to manage your preferences is from the links at the bottom of any of the actual newsletters.

  1. Our newsletter subscription form is the only way we have to contact you in the event of unforeseen workshop schedule changes or calls for donations due to national crises. We also use it to announce new quilt patterns and special events. Hence, we call these announcements “Special Announcements” and these newsletters are sent just before these events occur. To see our available quilt kit patterns, click here.
  2. We also use the newsletter to let folks know a workshop will be held within about a week of the current newsletter. That way, folks wanting to pick up labels for their stash-quilt donations, drop off completed kits, or join us to sit and sew won’t miss out and have to wait another month. We call these emails “Workshop Ticklers” and if there is no workshop that month then there is no newsletter that month either.
  3. Finally, we have a newsletter list titled “Let Us Celebrate Your Success” which is only sent out occasionally. Its purpose is to share a few photos of recently submitted triumphs. So, if you don’t want to be in these newsletters, hide your face when we take the photos at the workshops. To see what the rest of the Quilts for Kids nation is doing, click this link.
Newsletter Subscription Form

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