Acceptable Donations

Each local chapter of Quilts for Kids (our home office) collects and distributes all sorts of items. Possible donations include anything from clothing and backpacks to stuffed toys. Equally important though is the fact that not all chapters have the means to collect, store, and distribute all different kinds of items. Alas, the Salt Lake Chapter is one of these limited chapters. Nevertheless, the Salt Lake Chapter collects quilts and draw-string bags.

Acceptable Donations

All donations must be new. Draw-string bags made out of strong fabric are best because these bags are used as emergency luggage by children in crisis situations. Victim’s advocates distribute the bags along with donated quilts.

Quilts that Go to Medical Facilities

Quilt donations fall into two categories based on the type of organization that distributes them. Hospitals and non-medical organizations distribute our quilts for us due to privacy laws. Non-medical organizations include foster care and hospice. Quilts distributed through hospitals must meet strict requirements. These requirements help prevent further medical issues. They also help prevent quilts from falling apart when washed daily in industrial machines. You can find a list of these requirements here.

Quilts Distributed Through Other Organizations

New quilts distributed through non-medical organizations may be tied, hand quilted, hand bound, or they may be made with fabrics like cotton/poly blends like Minky. We do not accept quilts or draw-string bags made out of flannel because, flannel looks old once washed even though it is new.

Thank you so very much for understanding our hearts. The children are our 1st priority. For additional questions, please continue reading our F.A.Q. Blog category.

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