How Long Do We Have To Complete Signed-out Quilts?

Unbeknownst to me at quilt guild last week, a woman got up and confessed to the entire guild that she had not turned in her Quilts for Kids finished kit for more than two years. She opened by saying she was quite embarrassed for holding on to her kit for so long but there was a reason.

She began her story expressing that difficulties at home had lead to her Mom coming to stay with her for a month. They got to share so many things together which lead to growth and relational mending. One of those things was to teach Mom to quilt. Mom had taught her to sew many years earlier and so it was a delight to use the Quilts for Kids kit to teach Mom how to quilt. Mom died just two short days after completing the Quilts for Kids Kit which made the finished quilt to precious to return for more than two years.

Folks, I am a firm believer that mercy triumphs over justice every single time. Did we have a just right to insist upon the kit being returned? Yes, and this is why the instructions in our quilt kits say 4 to 6 weeks. This is also why we will begin sending out reminder newsletters to all those who have signed out kits. But since mercy dictates that we trust God to work all things for good for those who trust Him in His time, PLEASE KNOW:

  • We understand that life happens. It happens to us.
  • We understand that forgetfulness happens. It happens to us too.
  • It is far better for the child who will receive your finished quilt for you to finish the quilt with love, joy and peace, because, your love, joy and peace will go with the quilt and they need that more than the quilt itself.

So, forgive yourself if your quilt is late! We do not condemn you so why should you condemn yourself. Relax and enjoy the process. We know that you will keep your word to return it. It’s only a matter of time. Besides, maybe the child who needs your exact quilt has not gotten sick yet.

Forgive yourself if you feel like you have ruined the kit and are too embarrassed to return it. We know you did not do it on purpose. Return the kit anyway or find a different way to redeem the kit. It is NOT worth beating your self up with shame or guilt. Besides, it may not be as bad as you think.

You are more valuable than you know and that quilt kit is not worth you loosing sight of who you are. The children are not the only ones who are loved and we at Quilts for Kids would be very cruel indeed if we ever loose sight of that truth.



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