Wavy Grid Quilting Pattern

The Wavy Grid Quilting Pattern works well for all our quilts but it is especially suited to the Checkmate kit pattern.

Machine Settings:

• Straight stitch length = 10 to 12 stitches per inch

• Walking Foot for best results

Quilting Stitches:

A. Keep all stitches roughly 1 inch away from all raw edges of the quilt top.

B. Always start from the center and work toward the outer border. This help to keep the backing from pleating while quilting.

C. Intentionally sew all the wavy lines of quilting stitches unevenly so no one will see any mistakes.

1st Pass

  1. Start in the center of the longest side. Sew a gentle wavy line down the center stopping in the outer boarder.
  2. Turn around at each end by sewing a 2″ long straight line in the outer border at an angle to the raw edge of the quilt top. No two angles should be the same.
  3. Loosely follow the previous stitching line back across the quilt.
  4. Repeat back and forth until the last stitching line is placed on top of or just passed the inner border.

2nd Pass

Repeat the 1st pass for the other half of the quilt top starting in the center of the outer border.

3rd & 4th Passes

Start inside the outer border at the center of a short side and sew as before to form a grid of wavy lines.



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