Batting Discount

Many sewers do not know how or do not have the means to quilt our kits. So, Headquarters has permitted us to sell batting at a huge discount to anyone willing to help us get our unfinished tops quilted. Here are the particulars:

  • Price: $3.00 (cash only) for one piece of batting that fits our quilt kit tops up to 50″ long.
  • This batting must be used for our quilt tops only to remain in good standing with the IRS.

The Wavy Grid quilting pattern here is very fast and can be finished in less than an hour. The more uneven it is the better it looks and no one will see any mistakes. The Alternate Block quilting pattern which is just as acceptable can also be finished within an hour.



2 responses to “Batting Discount”

  1. Janet Evans Avatar
    Janet Evans

    I pick up kits from Nuttalls in Pleasant Grove. Do they have extra batting if I want to take them home and returned quilts that have been quilted? If not where can I get the batting to finish the quilts.

    1. Quilts for Kids, SLC Avatar

      I just saw this, Janet. Forgive me. I did not even know that I needed to look here to keep up on QFK emails. In answer to your question, no. The only place to get the batting discount is to purchase the batting from Sandy. Her number is on the website.

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